Founding Principles

Circle of life is a visionary new-thought ministry serving pastoral needs through guidance, ceremony, comfort, and celebration services. I provide a safe place for open spiritual expression when nondenominational clergy assistance is sought for all  life events, celebrations, and challenges.

This ministry promotes no creed, dogma, or judgment of beliefs.  While I have my own spiritual preferences and expressions, I do not impose those on others. I am happy to discuss this at any time.

The following Founding Principles that Circle of Life follows and imparts to others are, instead, based on how we walk in this world:

  • Love is true power.
  • Peace is true wisdom.
  • Respect is true courage.
  • Generosity is true happiness.

All loving and positive life paths are honored here for their contribution to the collective good. I believe we should live our principles rather than preach them.

I bring many years of training, understanding, and experience to the fulfillment of your needs. My specialties include weddings (spiritual or secular), baptisms, memorials, prayer support, and guidance.

Blessings to all who visit here. May your inner light always illuminate your path forward.